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By Afifa Azmeen

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the most beautiful of them all?

Is it Cinderella or Snow-White?

Or is it the Nightingale that sings at night?

Is it prince Charming or a mythical Greek God?

Is it Apollo or Eros or the dancing peacock?

Is it the billion stars of the night sky?

Is it the Blue Jay that loves to fly?

Is it nature's scenery?

Of waterfalls and Brookes and oceans and greenery.

Is it the brilliant night sky of twinkling stars?

Or is it the person who still smiles through their scars?

Is it kindness compassion and empathy?

Or is it love, desire or a beautiful melody?

Is it a smile or a glistening eye?

Or is it the Phoenix's mellifluous cry?

The answer is simple yet so profound,

It is the thing in which all of this is found.

It is your soul, where my treasure is buried,

It’s the sweet look on your face when you are worried.

You are all this beauty and even more,

You are the most beautiful of them all.

By Afifa Azmeen

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