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Be Not Vague

By Sheena Marie D'Souza

Be not vague. You shall be not vague.

Scurrying along a life to make.

Each moment an ambiguous try,

Every fickle action proved awry.

A woeful history of indecision,

Not a single thought had precision.

Disguises for the uncertain ways

Breed testaments of the uncertain days.

Be a pilgrim. Not a wanderer

Abort the obscurity and surrender.

Be not lost. Be found in grace.

Be captivated by His face.

For when you know not the path to take,

You will look to Him and radiate.

Absorb His ever resplendent hue,

An effervescent mind He gifted you.

A beacon on your journey - guided light.

Seek and rejoice - destination in sight.

Your path illuminated, no longer opaque

Then you shall be not vague.

You shall be not vague

By Sheena Marie D'Souza

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