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By Riddhi Oza

Hear the cries, the disgraceful lies... blood soaked allies, gardens runed to ruins, listen how sweetly the battlefield weaves a story of lies

People craving justice, fighting in the name of peace. blinded by power and broken ethics, stupor to their own scandalous bleeding creeks

Red and black, the soil has turned like a chameleon the sky changed shade till the dusk was dawn... unwary of the lining, the warriors fought until they had to sing the dead song!

So many families orphaned, so many warriors defeated, the dead felt sorry and the living were exhausted... the war didn't end though, neither did the slaughter

Innocent lives taken away, dead bodies float at bay, yet the powerful ones in their home are safe, oblivion to pain, from grief they are astray

The empire fell to ashes, yet the king sat on a throne of bones, no one left to rule, the kingdom in a puff of air was gone

Washed away in blood,

corpses left to deteriorate,

lilies now turned to crimson

daisies deafened by the screams of millions

sun blazing down the land to death,

and just like that the war came to an end!

By Riddhi Oza

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