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By Varshini

When you come across this word, most of the bad incidents that happened in your life would have crossed your mind. It may be an accident, or death of a close one or a relationship problem, etc. Even when you google "Pain", it comes as "distressing feeling" or "unpleasant sensation". Why can't "Pain" be a positive one? I would say it is a positive one.

When we were in our mother's womb, the pain she suffered for nine months resulted in our birth. When we try to walk at an earlier stage, we fall, that pain makes us to be more careful and we still try to walk better. When we don't obey our parents or when we fail to be ethical, our parents or teachers scold or beat us, that pain makes us grow in a good way. When we play our favorite games, we fall or we may get hurt, does that pain keep stopping us from playing that game again? No, it makes us play that game better.

Let's take a common example which every youth faces-Love Failure. We see many people who lose their lives due to that. But let us think in the other way, when a guy/girl you love rejects you, does that mean you are worthless? No, everyone is worth in their own way and every person has a different perspective of it. So why don't you convert that pain to show that special person who you are and what you are capable of?! From our earlier stages of life, we have all had pain in our life which made us a better person. Why not make this friendship/relationship pain to motivate you in your life! Remember: Every pain or suffering is temporary. There is always a way to make it better!

So let's make the "Pain" a motivation for your growth and not a barrier for your success. The more pain you have, the better way to use it and make yourself succeed in life. I love this quote:

"Never give up on anything because miracles happen everyday"

So convert your pain into a miracle by working hard on the things that make you feel better. Stay Positive :)

By Varshini

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