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Double trouble

By Simarjeet Kaur

Everyone started laughing…..

Abhishek-: You all are laughing yet I was the one who suffered.

Simar-: And you are the one who is laughing the most?

Abhishek-: Yes! Because it is a funny horrible incident.

Two people came…… one was a boy and one was a girl…… they came and sat with us.

??-: What are you all talking about?

Simar-: A strange incident due to which they came inside this agency and became “raw secret agents”. You two are new here right?

Both of them nodded.

Simar-: Then tell me your name and it’s for both of you.

The boy had short black silky hair with black eyes. His nose was sharp and pointed, his lips were heart-shaped and his face was diamond-shaped.

The girl had long light brown hair with greyish eyes. Her nose was hooked, she had curved lips and her face was heart-shaped.

Boy-: I am Nishant.

Girl-: I am Naira.

Everyone-: Welcome to our agency.

Simar-: Anything you need, you can tell us.

Nishant and Naira-: Thank you!

Nishant -: You were talking about some incident?

Simar-: Yes! It was a really strange incident. Let all of us tell you.

So, there were 4 people:-

1. Light brown almond-shaped eyes with black short straight hair. His nose was pointed, with broad thin lips and a diamond-shaped face. His name was Abhishek.

2. Light brown short straight hair with black edgy eyes. His nose was flat, with curved lips and a round-shaped face. His name was Kartik.

3. Light brown long straight hairs with blue eyes. She had a pointed nose, with heart-shaped small lips and she a diamond-shaped face. Her name was Natasha.

4. A mixture of black and brown long straight hair with dark brown eyes. She had a pointed nose, with curved thin lips and she had a thin heart-shaped face. Her name was Simar.

Simar-: The story starts when I was in 1st year of college. And it was winter days but the sun was shining bright…..


Simar-: Today the sun is shining way too bright. I should go out and take some vitamin d from the sun. It’s so good that today is a holiday I can enjoy the whole day in the sun.

I took my folding bed and lay on it. In a matter of time, I slept. My sweet sleep got disturbed by a dog crying outside my house.

Simar-: What’s this? Why is the dog crying?

I got outside my house…. when I saw Someone troubling dog. I got irritated and was irritated so I shouted….

Simar-: Hey you……

The person's back was towards me…. When he turned around. I got shocked.

Simar-: You-you Abhishek?

??-: Who are you? And I am not Abhishek….. I am Sahil.

Simar-: But-but….. Leave it whoever you are, Are you mad? why are you troubling a dog?

Sahil-: It’s not your dog…… so why are you even bothered?

Simar-: (angrily) If you didn’t stop……

I saw a stone in front of my eyes.

Sahil-: (frustrated) what will you do?

I picked the stone….. I point at him as I would throw it.

Simar-: I will throw it. Want some stones?

Sahil-: (rolled his eyes) I am bored of him. Anyways play with him…… I am going.

I sighed so loud with relief. That dog reached me and saw me with an innocent face. I took him to my home and give him a meal then the dog goes outside and I said…..

Simar-: Bye. Take care.

The dog goes….. I was furious about that man looking just like Abhishek. It was getting on my nerves….. Suddenly my phone rang…. It was an unknown number…. I ignored it……but again that person called then I picked up the call….

On phone call:-

Simar-: Who’s this?

??-: You didn’t save my number?

Simar-: (recognized the voice) Ohh!! Natasha…… is this your new number?

Natasha -: Oh! So I didn’t give this number to you?

Simar-: No! You didn’t.

Natasha -: Oh! You have to come to a coffee shop….. Because I wanted to tell you something.

Simar-: Just tell me on phone.

Natasha-: No! You come then only I will tell you.

Simar-: Where?

Natasha -: it’s “COFFEE BEES” and come to the top floor.

Simar-: Okay! Yes, I know this place. We will meet you in one hour.

Natasha-: Okay!

I got ready for the coffee shop….. And in a few minutes, I sat in my car and started the car….. I reached my destination in just 30 minutes. I got down from my car and took the accelerator to the top floor….. There at one corner, Natasha was sitting….. I walked in her direction…..when she saw me she stood from her chair and hugged me.

Natasha-: I am so happy today.

Simar-: It’s good. But I want to know the reason behind it.

Natasha-: Surely I will tell you. But first, sit down…..

We both sat down…..

Simar-: (excited) Now tell me…… Wait a second wWhy are you blushing? What happen? Tell me fast.

Natasha-: Actually! Tomorrow kartik called me.....

Simar-:(Excitedly) And?

Natasha-: And he said that he wanted to meet me. Then-

“And I purposed her for marriage “

A voice came from my back when I turned then I saw…..

Simar-: Kartik?!

Natasha ran towards him and hugged him tightly…… Abhishek was standing behind them…..

Abhiskek-: Excuse me!

They got shy and we both laughed.

Kartik-: Can’t you for one second –

Abhishek-: No

This time we all laughed….

Simar-: Come on why both of you are standing? (In a sophisticated way) kindly take your seats.

Abhishek-:(Dramatically) You too miss.

Kartik-: You both are dramatic….. What can I do-

Natasha-: You can’t do anything….. You just have to tolerate them.

We all laughed again and then we all sat in our respective chairs…… on Natasha’s side Kartik sat…… on my side Abhishek sat….

Simar-: So when is your marriage?

Kartik-: At this moment, we will just get engaged and for marriage, we both are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of marriage.

Simar-: Yes that’s right. So did you tell your parents about it?

Kartik-: Yeah they said yes for marriage.

Natasha-: It was easy. I didn’t expect that but it’s a good thing that they said yes.

Simar-: Yes. Congratulations.

Natasha and Kartik-: Thank you

Simar-: When is your engagement date?

Natasha-: Not yet decided…. But they are saying it will be next month.

Simar-: That’s a great thing.

Suddenly my phone ranged….. I see the name displayed on my phone screen. I picked up the call…

On phone call

Simar-: I will- hm…. Ok….. Yes…. Now? Ok….. I will surely….. In 15 minutes….. Ok….. Bye!

I hunged the call…..

Simar-: I have to go urgently….

Natasha-: (sadly) You don’t spend time with me anymore.

Simar-: I will surely.

Natasha-: I know you are keeping a secret from me but you have to tell me soon.

Simar-: I have my reasons due to which I can’t tell you…. But yes I will surely tell you all. Bye, take care.

Everyone-: Bye take care.

I took my car and accelerate it because I wanted to reach there on time….. I reached there after 15 minutes and go straight to the person who called me….

Black edgy eyes with black short straight hair. His nose was small, with a round face and thick small lips. His name was Ankit.

Simar-: Yes?!

He smirked when he saw me……

Simar-: Why are you smirking?

Ankit -: Actually, the case I told you about on the phone. That case got solved…

Simar-: (confused) What?

Ankit-: Yeah! We checked everything and collected evidence against it. Now you just have to go and make him confess.

Simar-: Okay!

I depart from his cabin and moved towards the interrogation room. I got inside the interrogation room and I got shocked when I saw……

Simar-: (shocked) What are you doing here Abhishek?

Abhishek-: Simar? They said me to wait for some “head” so I am waiting for her.

Simar-: I am the head of this agency….. Why you-

Abhishek-:(Shocked) You are raw?

Simar-: No! I am a secret agent…. They both are different. But why you are here?

Abhishek-: They think that I have done something illegal when I didn’t do anything.

Simar-: Why are you so calm?

Abhishek-: when I didn’t do anything then why I will be tense?

Simar-: Yes! But then too.

Abhishek-: So in what case –

Simar-: It’s a case of stealing a precious diamond that has the power of destroying every agency and that person would become the most powerful in the underground world.

Abhishek-: (shocked) What?! It is this serious?

Simar-: Yes it is. So whatever question I will ask you have to tell me everything.

Abhishek-: Okay!

Simar-: Where were you tomorrow?

Abhishek-: Tomorrow's whole the day I was with Natasha and Kartik doing a party.

Simar-: In which hotel or restaurant?

Abhishek-: It was “Blue moon” you can ask them….. I was there for 3 to 4 hours.

Simar-: Time?

Abhishek-: 1 pm to 4 pm.

Simar-: Then where did you go after that?

Abhishek-: I got sweets and gave them to my parents and told them the good news.

Simar-: Do you have any evidence to prove it?

Abhishek-: Yes! At our house’s front door, there is a camera. You can see….

Simar-: Time?

Abhishek-: I reached home at 5 pm because of traffic.

Simar-: Okay! I will be back in a few minutes…..

Abhishek-: (nodes)

I departed…. I knew that I hurt him badly but that was the procedure…. I can’t deny to see the facts….. I checked everything that he said and there was evidence of everything he said. I don’t want to go again to the interrogation room because I will be harsh while talking to him and I don’t want to…. So I go to Ankit.

Simar-: Ankit?

Ankit-: Yes?

Simar-: Are you sure you have caught right person?

Ankit-: What does that mean?

Simar-: Because I interrogate him and the things he said have evidence too. That’s why I asked.

Ankit-: See….. The thing is we saw the CCTV camera and we have clearly seen his face…..

Simar-: It could be edited…..

Ankit-: We checked that too…. It was not.

Simar-: But the things I see are too not edited.

Ankit-: (sigh) Is he your friend?

Simar-: What?

Ankit-: I guess he is your friend that’s why you are supporting him.

Simar-: He is my friend….. (Angrily) but how could you even think that I would ignore things because he is my friend? Did I do this earlier….. No? Yes? Now speak….

Ankit knew that I have never done it….. So he didn’t say anything but he just hugged me to make me calm….

Ankit-: I am sorry….. I don’t want to hurt you….

Simar-: Leave it. I am just saying this because he was with them….

We got away from each other and started facing each other…..

Ankit-: Is he having a twin?

Simar-: (suddenly remembered) Ohhh!!!! How can I forget this…..

Ankit-: What happen?

Simar-: I saw a person in front of my house teasing a dog and he was having the same face as him and what amazed me is that he was there with his friend the whole day.

Ankit-: It means?

Simar-: Someone is having same face as him but he is not his twin….. Because he doesn’t have any twin….

Ankit-: We have to report it to Adarsh…..

Simar -: Yes….

Adarsh was the CEO of our agency…… he had black short wavy hair with green eyes…. His nose was pointed, with small thin lips and an oval-shaped face.

We go to Adarsh…… he was sat on the chair with a lot of files surrounding him…. When he saw got up from his chair……

Adarsh-: I have to show something to you…. (Took a file) See!! He is not only a thief, he is a murderer, rapist and had many FIR against him because he beats people…..

Simar-: The person you catches is not a criminal….

Adarsh-: Then? What is he? We have seen his face…..

Simar -: I too have seen his face in front of my house troubling a dog but he is another person…..

Adarsh-: My head hurts….. I can’t understand a thing…..

I told him the whole story of how I seen him in front of my house when he was with his friend the whole day……

Simar-: That just means that someone has an identical face…… he is committing crime and Abhishek is the one who is getting interrogated…..

Adarsh-: If this the thing then we have to find evidence because no innocent person should get punishment…..

Simar and Ankit-: Yes .....

Simar-: Let me go to Abhishek first….. I acted cold towards him and I have to say sorry to him…..

Ankit-: Sure you go to him and I, Adarsh and the whole team will start looking for evidence.

Simar-: Thank you…..

I ran from there….. I ran as fast as I could. When I reached there I saw two people hugging Kartik.

Simar-: Excuse me…..who- you both here?!

Kartik-: Simar….. You are this agency’s head?

Simar-: Yes! Sit….

Natasha-: I knew it that you are hiding something from me…..

Simar-: I am sorry….. But it was agency’s rule…..

Natasha -: Leave it….. Let’s sit….

They both took seats on either side of Abhishek……

Simar-: Firstly Abhishek I am sorry but I have to act professional…… I am head of this place but I know you didn’t do anything wrong……

Abhishek-: What?! But why now?

Simar-: I forgot to tell you all something important…. The thing is…..

I told them everything that happened to me in the morning and why Abhishek was there…. He was sad with me for behaving rudely…… Everything from morning till now in detail I told them……

Three of them-: (shocked) What!?

Simar-: Yes that’s the only reason why they took Abhishek as a criminal…..

AbAbhishek-: Then you should find him….

Simar-: We already started…… don’t worry…. They will surely find him…. But wait!!!!

Natasha -: What happen?

Simar-: I will come back in a few minutes….. You all wait for me….

After 2 hours

Natasha-: Where is she?

Abhishek-: Now I am getting worried….. Is she okay?

Kartik-: Let me ask someone…… Ohh simar where were you?

Simar-: Kartik, Abhishek and Natasha……. Now Abhishek is free from all allegations…..

Everyone-: How?

Simar-: It’s a secret…..

Ankit came……

Ankit-: Sorry to disturb you….. But Simar you have to tell them guidelines…..

Present time

Nishant-: What were the guidelines?

Simar-: The guidelines was:-

That they have to join our agency or else I have to murder them because this agency is a secret that’s why we called ourselves “secret agents”

Naira-: Ohh!! Obviously, you have chosen “the to join the agency” option…..

Everyone-: (laughs)

Simar-: Yes! Because they think they want adventurous life so….

Natasha -: Please tell us….. How you catch himmmm……

Everyone -: pleaseeeee!!!!!

Simar-: Okay! Okay! The thing is that sail was already on our intern list when I go to flashback of what he said his name was….. Then I remember that one Sahil is in our list too….. I called the him right away for interview and I was the only one who knew how he looked…… This is easy right?

Natasha-: Yes!! But why didn’t you tell us that time?

Simar-: I was not in mood….

We all laughed……

Kartik-: Sometimes the bad times made us laugh more……

Simar-: Yes!! And again welcome Naira and Nishant……

Naira and Nishant-: Thank you!

Suddenly the “beep beep” sound came…..

Naira-: What is this?

Simar-: New case….. Let’s go…. And all the best to all of you…..

Kartik, Abhishek and Natasha-: We all will rock….. Captain…..

Naira and Nishant-: Captain?

Simar-: it’s just one year that I have been captain….. Now go….. Don’t talk…..

Everyone-: Okay!!!!!

Simar thinking…….

“I am so lucky to have friends and teammates like them…..”

By Simarjeet Kaur

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