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A Spring Letter

Updated: Jun 12

By Sai Madhu Samhita Gollapalli

Hello friend,

It's that time of the year when nature smiles - "spring", the perfect time to embark upon our journey of friendship!

How are you? How are you feeling spring?

I have been loving it! Each and every day gets prettier by the hour. I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and to the scent of roses by my bedside. The sun shines brighter and the sky is my favourite blue. The days are getting longer and so is my happiness. My house looks heavenly with all the sunlight pouring in. I hope you are able to enjoy all these joys that spring brings us.

I keep decorating my house with flowers I pick up from here and there, trying to put some nature in my house. Most of the days I feel like a hopeless romantic, writing letters, and feeling the tenderness of the season. I am spending all of my free time dancing barefoot on the grass, trying to sing with the birds, painting all the beauty I see, and taking care of my plants. My evenings are spent entirely in my garden smelling the jasmines and night queens as they blossom with the moon. There have been occasional times when the skies themselves water all the plants, I mean the "April showers". And everything gets even more lovely, with all the raindrops on them.

How have your days been? What have you been doing in your free time?

Doesn't spring feel like the time when God visits and nature gets all ready and colourful to welcome God? It also does carry with it a reminder of new beginnings and that we can always start over however dark it might be.

You know I have been craving a picnic lately. Let us put on chikankari kurtis, braid our hair with jasmines and go to a park nearby, where all we can hear are the sounds of birds and the wind greeting the trees. We could get some raw mango rice, lassi, kulfi, strawberries and mangoes. We could just sit there soaking in all the "spring" and oh! we could read poems of Sarojini Naidu, while listening to the tunes of Illayraja. Or we could just lie down and spend the time talking about anything and everything.

Do let me know if you would like it too!

Sending you some spring and love from me with these flower-pressed frames and paintings.

Have a beautiful day!

By Sai Madhu Samhita Gollapalli

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