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Writer's Crumpled Heart

By Shaik Afroz

"Neither I want to feel my heated soul when we cross paths

nor how my heart pounds when I see you in saree,

Neither I want to hide and peep at you like a stranger

nor I can stop doing that,

Neither I want to remember our silly fights

nor the way we laughed remembering those,

Neither our tight hugs

nor our cozy cuddlings when you need me,

Neither pushing you to the wall & kissing you hard

nor those wake-up kisses on my forehead,

Neither our promises to stay forever together

nor the truth that I can't tie the knot around your nape ever & never.

Then why am I so obsessed of your memories

that made my pen know - what my heart yells every second"

: Injured writer cried with his crumpled heart.

By Shaik Afroz

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