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To love is to be vulnerable

Updated: Sep 21

By Shruti Rungta

"Remember, you won't be able to heal until you distance yourself from what is causing you pain", they said.

But what if the pain never goes away?

It gets scattered like stars in the sky,

maybe seeming too small if you watch it from far away,

Only realising later that maybe they were too big to

be fathomed into constellations.

Pain demands to be felt.

You don't cut all the way through the onion right away, right?

Rather You peel it layer by layer , allowing the hidden parts to emerge gradually.

Letting go doesn't happen in a blink of seconds

It takes time, years of persistent efforts ,

falling back and getting up again,

while not letting yourself getting lost in the process

It's like building a wall around you,

piling each baggages and vulnerabilities inside ,

but keeping the windows open ,

and letting the other side discover itself ,

taking life as an adventure,

learning from all the baggages and experiences that you had.

Meanwhile not letting it define you.

Because there will never be any safe investment, anyway.

"Remember to love at all is to be vulnerable. "

By Shruti Rungta

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