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Through The Darkness

Updated: Feb 7

By Vaishnavi R

so far away

was never meant to stay


keep walking through the moor

murky and misty

all dark mischief afoot


still feel you

your hand through mine

blinding rays shine

through shafts of darkness

i can see you smile

your smile

makes it all worth the while


am running through the woods


feels like flying though..

when i am with you


stay with me

through the darkness

through the darkness

dont hate me, dont hate me


i keep floundering

your smile

shows your love

your heart

so big

my world grows wide

feels so selfish

when i keep holding on

You could be free

flying in the sky

high above the darkness

awash in the moonlight

Still, you stay

keeping pace beside me

holding my hand, always

How it feels to be loved, oh, so loved!

You keep saying

you are no angel

but why your darkness keeps giving

while mine keeps taking

oh, dont hate me, dont hate me

my fears and tears 

blind me

bind me

Nothing stays the same


you keep walking, with me

beside me

i hear you say,

don’t give up

keep loving yourself

stay sure, calm and clear

all i can think is

How can you be such an angel?

Ah, the feeling..

i worry

will my love ever be enough?

will it stay true?

when my darkness twists and turns

spewing stones and thorns

what about you? what about you?

one thing i know

through my darkness

i will carry you

in my shell of a heart

my only light, through


stay with me, stay with me

through the darkness


dont hate me...

By Vaishnavi R

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