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The Ugly Truth Of Bollywood

By Prachi Palresha

2020 - Best described as the year where we lost talent, time and opportunities. This year not only saw many deaths due to Covid-19 but also saw a lot of the deaths by suicide. Amongst this chaos, one loss for the entire country was the self-made actor - Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR). As a natural tendency, humans realize the intensity of their actions only after having seen the wrath of it. This realization, a very bitter one, came to us with the death of SSR. As a nation, India was traumatized by the loss of an actor, but beyond that an intelligent and amazing human being (quite averse to what usually actors are perceived as).

While the cause of death has been speculated and has been swinging between murder and suicide, it has put a much needed limelight on the basics of which the insiders of Bollywood works. Nepotism, a concept of privilege was explored at this stage. SSR as an actor had already made his mark on the audience However, it was alleged that being an outsider, he was never welcomed in the Bollywood cartel – set of elite and arrogant Bollywood nepotism products. Inspite of trying, he was repeatedly ignored and has been disparaged many times (courtesy – very knowledgeable show – Koffee with Karan).

These derogatory remarks and treatment remind me of the Solomon Islands tree killing practice – they don’t cut the tree directly there They just curse and maltreat the tree until the tree cuts itself. Doesn’t this also remind of you a concept called ragging where the seniors mean-spirit the juniors.

Sometimes, it’s safe to say that being in the military army is way better than being in Bollywood right? Because at least your own army/ team would not kil you. It was so ironical to see celebrities posting on social media and grieving for his death. It just reminded me of meaning of irony - the people who caused all the turmoil in his life while he was alive were now praying for him to find peace after his death.

This classy place called Bollywood has all kinds of profession,, rght from people involved in terrorism, in money laundering cases, showing up for protests and so on. As the youth of today, are we on the right track for idolizing them?

The recent times are defying this proverb by Thomas Foxwell Burton, ‘With Talent and extraordinary Perseverance, all things are attainable’. Only if Mr. Thomas Foxwell Burton knew about this place called Bollywood.

It is more disgusting to see that some barely talented embodiments of nepotism get the limelight but the deserving ones are lost! But more important to realize that who is responsible for that? The Elite club? Who made them elite???

It’s us! We’re the reason SSR was followed by 9.8 Million followers while some other unskilled yet charming artists have incomparably more. Interestingly. SSR’s followers rose to approximately 11 Million post his death. Why do we realise talent only after it’s gone? How long will we take to understand and encourage one of us, who had guts to follow his dream!

It’s time guys, let’s use our power for the good. Let’s start this small movement. Follow the ones that deserve, not the one’s who’ve had their places reserved!!

By Prachi Palresha

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