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The Rain

Updated: Sep 20

By Akshita Mehta

The rain pattered on the roof …As it catches my attention, I feel the cold droplets of rain fall on my face; I saw peacocks waltzing and singing to the rhythm of the rain.

As the pattering continued ,I saw the lightning dancing to the singing of the peacocks …

As the tintinnabulation of the wind-chime echoed through the halls of my house— I decided to step outside ,holding an umbrella with shiny threads streaking the cloth…wow a curtain of rain formed around me, it felt as if tons of rods of rain fell upon me…

As I walked on, I noticed leaves studded with shiny droplets of rain; it was as if the leaf was studded with jewels. As I walked further on, I could see the mighty trees swaying from left to right, it was as if they were dancing to the rain. I smiled at the trees, and it was as if they smiled back.

As the rain paused, the grass was lit up with millions of droplets of rain, and the golden sun started gleaming upon the valley; oh, what a wonderful sight!

By Akshita Mehta

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