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The Light..

By Dr. Shweta Singh

When you were there.. I never felt that I will lose you..

How could I imagine that my Sun will leave my days in darkness..

How it would strike in my dreams that there will be nights without my moon..

And now when I don’t find you I feel that it’s my worst nightmare..

I am longing to hear your lively voice again..

Just wishing to get a close and warm hug from you..

I am waiting to see that lovely smile on that beautiful face..

All the wonderful moments seem dull without your presence..

I have many reasons to live and laugh.. Still every moment I miss you…

All reasons seem false..

I will wait for you.. Till my last breath..

I know we will meet.. Before the end of Time…

Else this wait will go on for eternity…

By Dr. Shweta Singh

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