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The Last Season

By Vedashree B N

How we grow up to grow old,

Changing seasons, we're told,

Does it last,

Does it pause,

Is it forever,

Just to disappear.

Soak it in, while it lasts.

What are time machines

After all?

To walk back is amusing,

To see front is tiring.

Past, the last station on it,

Written all over, walked all through.

Soak it in while it lasts, how do we know when it will?

Frame to frame, we believe.

Song to song, we reflect.

Life to life, why's it empty?

Why is fiction so sticky?

It's all over our minds and our houghts.

Dragging us far from here.

Trust me here. We are safe.

Seasons change but the cycles don't.

Trust me here.

Trust me here.

We're in cycle, thinking that,

We're moving! We're moving!

While all we do is

Just rotating.

By Vedashree B N

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