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The Evil Witch Of The West

By Vaani Tantia

Long ago, in the city of Lumos , a witch was born to the witch and wizard of Lumos. They named her Olympia. Olympia’s parents had been good from birth and had sworn to help any person in trouble.

Olympia had many powers . She could speak to animals, heal any wound and bloom flowers wherever she was. However, one day she turned evil and malicious and nobody knew how. She started calling herself Madame Olympia – Evil Witch of the West. The real reason was that her only friends betrayed and that really broke her heart. Her parents disowned her and she was sad and angry all time. She soon went away from Todcaster. The only solution to make her good was that she finds a true friend again. However, Madame Olympia never wanted to make friends.

Years passed and Madame Olympia turned into a lonely and evil old crone. All the villagers hated and were scared of her. Then one day Madame Olympia went out grocery shopping and met a young girl. The young girl was named Penny and she helped Madame Olympia with her shopping. A few days later Penny invited Madame Olympia to tea. They began to spend a lot of time together and Madame Olympia made friends with Penny without even realising. One day while they were taking a stroll in the park a dog came up to Madame Olympia and barked. Madame Olympia could understand the dog. Suddenly the flowers in the park started to bloom even though it was summer. Madame Olympia had turned good again! She told Penny her story and thanked her for being her friend.

Madame Olympia helped everyone in the village and they started to like her. After a few months Madame Olympia went to Lumos. Her parents were surprised to see her and apologized for their behaviour. The old witch lived happily ever after.

By Vaani Tantia

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