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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By Aishani Bhattacharya

A penance committed by Mahishasura in greed, Compelled Brahma to grant him a boon, It declared him undefeated by a man, demon, god or beast, And held the power to turn the cosmos to ruins. In the blink of an eye he seized Indra's abode, Forcing it's residents to take flight, His invincible power and vigour showed, As he slayed the Gods with all his might.

Ran they did to Brahma now, Cursed him for his devastating mistake, They had to stop this demon somehow, Or all the Worlds were his to take. Very surprising it was to see, That just by the utterance of a string of words, Mahishasura's soul could be set free, And he could rule all the Worlds. Just when all hope seemed to have been lost The Gods remembered a loophole. Even though against him all was lost, A woman could kill his demonic soul. All the Gods assembled together, Joined forces and created a light, Goddess Durga emerged from the Ganga river, Inviting dawn after a shadowy night.

Lord Agni gifted her a spear, and Vayu a bow and arrows, Indra provided her with his famous thunderbolt, Varuna gave her a conch to announce the end of all sorrow Or so the story has been told. Riding her lion she marched towards the foe, Correcting Brahma's grave mistake, She would rid the Gods of this sorrow, Wake Oh Goddess! Open the third eye and wake! As she faced the nemesis now, He saw a woman and laughed as tears poured, Not the strongest Gods could make him withdraw, What could a woman accomplish with a sword? Forgot he about Brahma's boon And what conditions it had contained Eye witnesses were the Sun and Moon, As The Goddess came armed and trained. Fought bravely, yes she did, As she drove her trident through his chest, Of evil now the Worlds had been rid As Mahishasura had been put to eternal rest. All the beings were grateful to her, For slaughtering that menacing fiend, She set an example for this world forever, And showed, Good always triumphs evil in the end!

By Aishani Bhattacharya

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