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By Preksha H M

I used to believe in promises,

I used to believe in people,

But no more.

Promises are bound to be broke,

Leaving you, all alone with yourself,

To handle the shreds of broken promises,

And the painful memories of the person,

Who made them only to break them.

Why did I believe in their promises,

Was it my naivety or love for them,

I realised then,

What people say is true- Love is blind!

People say, your pain provides you experience,

To shield yourself from any further repetitions.

But what they don’t tell you is the cost,

Cost- your heartbreak and,

The pieces stabbing your damaged heart,

Every single second!

Making it bleed,

Letting it never heal,

And the memories which,

Pour salt over that non-healing wound of your heart.

When you try to pacify yourself,

You try to hold onto yourself,

You try to join your pieces,

Only to realise,

There is nothing left to mend,

Just like promises,

Your left broken too.

With a broken heart,

With broken pieces,

With broken promises and,

With a shattered YOU!!

By Preksha H M

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