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My Tears, My Bed and Myself

By Revon Dias

A gruelling day comes to an end, Leaving me on read for all the texts I send This fluffy piece of cushion is my new best friend; It never asks me to be erect when I bend.

All you sheep think I’m kid-minded because of my bright smile; you tend to forget that it only stays for a while. Thanks to your bullying and taunts Your shadows hang on my neck you see the faults in me easily, But I advise- look into your eyes for a bigger speck.

Your comments make me sick my pillows are tired of the tears they lick. Feels like not reaching out of my room Wishing for the end to nights of doom

You think I live in royalty; because of my humour and laughter that’s fake And your pleasing taunts and in anger you do away it take. Eat much: you’re fat and talk much: yourself behave During good deeds there ain’t any praise But during failures into my life you do pave.

Why my figure does cause you shame? Even if it does, it’s your thinking you should blame And if me being happy bothers you; Then appraisal of this dumb society is what you claim.

You use, get satisfied, and then abuse me But the tears in my eyes you never do see Remember that one day this piece of flesh shall break your ego tree. This isn’t a threat, I’m giving you my word Face the consequences or let me be a free bird.

By Revon Dias

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