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My Corona Baby

By Aysha Parveen

I was pregnant at the time of corona and the restrictions were at the peak,lots of death news on and off, My only outing was for doctor checkup.

Covid-19 turned our entire life upside down and the world looked completely different. We started to fear our fellow human beings.

In between all that, Am really not sure on what hope I was ready for the birth of Ishaan( my younger son ) .I was preparing myself for everything to be calm n composed but being in home will make you to feel low,I always ended up in mood swings.

After having my baby the things are getting changed but the problem with the children are mingling in the crowd still remains.

To take care of them, we are keeping them like a chick in the house with high walls.( baby is always called as "Corona babies" like 90s kids kind of.)They are not blessed like us.

After all this corona shits , I have attended my cousin wedding ,the way Ishaan shouted after seeing all the crowds,where i didn't see the wedding at all .

From that day onwards, i never gone for any marriages or functions.I humbly denied all the gatherings in the name of ishaan.

I have isolated myself from everything in the name of my baby. I'm kind of a person who love gatherings,who love to travel, who love people,who love to speak 24/7 ...but I became different , I completely forgot myself on how am I before.l.Got lots of advices from my well-wishers to get out of this drama which I have created ( no one is the reason behind it,am the director of this drama in the name of Mom)

Then the journey begins .

I started going out ,even it's painful to take him out..I have started doing that .I got much help from my family n friends to do it.They always encourage me to come out and they supported me like anything. My heartiest thanks and gratitude to them .

We should always hope for better days and definitely we will get that with no doubts.

Whenever this corona time baby explore (stepping out of the home itself tedious during that time ) I always feel like a miracle.

Now Ishaan doesn't like to stay in Home at all.

He want to explore everything and He felt so happy to travel.

Bad days are temporary and matter of perspective.We need to change our view and that help to grow us.

I felt much ease Now ,Hopefully he will explore more ❣️Hope ❣️ always Hope for Better Days and they are always on the way.

By Aysha Parveen

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