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Mental health

By Medha Mishra

(Worth treatment?)

After being the most direct generation ever recorded we still believe or I say force ourself to believe that we don’t require any help to get over any incident or accident.

We want everything sorted, done and perfect!

But in this fast and great world not all of are strong enough to admit that we need help.

We don’t consider our fears, grief, anxiety, insecurities as issues in need of attention but weaknesses that is to be kept in darkness.

You out grow pain with time passing by, they say!

What they hide under sheets that when you leave the healing to time which means that you heal on your own without talking about it without any help without any shoulder to lean on, you do heal at least you think that way that you did heal, a tiny part of you stays behind in that pain, in that grief of yours.

For time being you might feel to be over it but it hits to at the most critical times which breaks you in bits. It haunts you through out your life!

A person who lost a loved one in a really painfully way in hospital, seems to be doing okay or maybe great in life but one day the person gets a call about a really close person being taken to hospital after a minor accident suddenly everything fades out, even after rushing to the hospital that person feet become frozen right at the gate with dizziness and raced heartbeat, wonder why because that person never got out of that incident from years ago.

A woman who had a still birth once is now terrified to give birth again! A man after a painful breakup now is afraid to be in love again! A person who was called fatty in childhood still wears baggy clothes even years after losing all the fat!

A person who was once in a drastic accident years ago still taken buses and trains to avoid cars.

We still need to admit the fact that life is not always about pink hued sky but also the dark loud thunder and rainy days!

A wound indeed heals itself weather you take care of it or not but if left untreated, not given any attention it does heal but leaves a scare for life! Same happen when you are hurt emotionally, mentally, you seen to be doing well after a while but deep down a scare, a trauma is left on your mind and soul. That haunts you for rest of your life!

By Medha Mishra

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