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Look In You

Updated: Sep 21

By Aswiga M

You might stand on the perch of Life,

For it might want to breathe its remaining.

Heart might want to newly rest,

Or as it wished once.

Mind would've been obliged to oppose Peace.

When the sole you tries standing up,

The entire Earth might stand at the same time – against.

From the day you get the smell of death,

Fuel your tank with hope,

Electricize your Heart, for future might lack.

With the bow of trust, and an arrow of strength,

Help people before you, see

You standing unshakable than ever.

Look in you,

For the world to witness the most powerful version of yourself.

Oh! and at this time don’t forget

To thank your life for its determined game.

Never surrender yourself to death.

We all live once, after all

To accept is what life.

By Aswiga M

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