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Little Longer?

By MD Fakruddin S

Can we be friends for a little longer!?

It's been days since we've been speaking and sharing each other's ruins

But now I get a feeling that your getting irritated because of my useless talks up on your ears

I still cannot control my tongue to hold back while speaking to you

That baka(fool) really thinks you are a Farishta and it lets itself a boundless sea of secrets out as a tsunami but with happiness

I still wanna tell you about my everyday Incidents

From the start of my day with petting a dog to the end where am covered tight in a blanket waiting for you to text me once….

Just so that I can reassure my heart that yeah you care

I know you have other errands to look up to

I know I've taken a lot of your life already

I know maybe it's time for you to look up to some people who can help you out actually

But all I just ask is

Can we be friends for a little longer just so that I can let the night pass and I'll be able to see the next sunrise with you and your hand held tight in mine,..

I just don't want to let go of warmth that I sense every time your fingers crossed with mine

By MD Fakruddin S

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