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Let our love speak

By Aryasmita Dhir

The sky weeps meteors of love on nights when you and i are close. While building our mansions of forevers, I keep my eyes fixed to the shimmering stars, trying to capture the bewitching beauty that this universe holds. While I'm busy deciphering the anatomy of love through this enthralling nights, i fail to notice your eyes on me.

upon looking at them, all of this seems surreal, the moments I've had imagined in my head for years coming out to be true, does feel surreal. I cannot differentiate between the fantasy and the real world because both of them has you in it; It's all in your eyes. eyes that are hopeful of eternities, eyes that confess without having to say, eyes that define love in a way poetry fails to. It's all in your eyes.

Tonight, we share a love that brings to us the meaning of life; a love

that is divine and a love that knows how to right the wrongs.

Tonight, we let our love speak in a language of feelings; And just like that, in the stately silence filled with solitude, we let ourselve consume under the singing stars and giggling moon.


By Aryasmita Dhir

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