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KALIYUGA Karma - Korma



Do u know why siddhars sit all time, guess to meet god by thavam . The karma won't rise or decrease. If we are committed we are prone to do karmas which comes as duty with worldly mistakes knowing or unknowing with a greed of money. Duryodhana greed was the wealth that Pandavas earned! So siddhars just sit and change the timeline of life to understand deep thyself without holding to worldly virtues. If you walk the smallest karma you may even kill an ant. So they are still!

We are god's robots like we make robots similar to is, but in difference we are a part of God with KARMA. Part of Paramathma, now born as Jeevaathma so only on higher level we are able to reach god. If the same robot does thavam will he be able to reach god? Since we only created robots they may reach us but they are not a part of us.

We are all alukku (dirt), so only our body keeps sweating and smells bad on time. We clean ourselves but don't clean our brain! Time is an illusion created by God for our cycle like a game! He is alone still and watching I guess like we watch movies. For a dead body all his or her material wealth they earned is definitely an illusion. That’s why nothing is permanent in this world how greed you are except the karma cycles depending on your duties as said in Bhagvat Gita. All around us is Maya, You , me & all etc. Saints realise that and so stay away from doing further adharmic activities unknowingly!

God's graphics in game is trees, animals , humans,Clouds earth etc with a soul in every being. Humans create virtual games without soul without knowing we are itself a virtual medium here. We cant enter inside the game world as shown in movies or they cant come here, but God can enter this world.

We all are multiplying. Why should god do that? For curiosity or entertainment? Is god testing himself since we are a part of him or to know how do people maintain dharma in this world as a part of his experiment? Again God only knows!

We are towards an indefinite cycle of karma in the name of looking forward. Our body is the vehicle and the soul is the passenger. Our soul is inside a vehicle called body to finish our karmic duties, but greed never ends.

Time is a forward illusion created by God in his point of view where humans are trying to experiment with many travel experiments yet not understandable, consider we are traveling in a cycle or bike where your bike is medium for you where you have to move forward. Consider the road as timeline. While moving forward the past road gets broken and all past is like an illusion. Past is gone as I write as you read except memories stored erased in future of course! Imagine watching a movie without reverse button, so is our life but actions played by individual soul watched by God.

Based on PAST KARMA we can have good or bad KORMA.


Before the start of Kaliyuga Krishna tries his best to stop the war so that he thinks can postpone Kaliyuga to maintain dharma. But even God was bound to be human and he wasn’t able to stop it . The war got started , Dharma stood on its own but with the cost of many deaths, the Karma of many cycles of death dint end. The biggest war in history. However some sources claim that the war itself is the transition phase from Dvapar yuga to kaliyuga. As per old records when Lord Krishna travel to his place away from this world when his duties are over marks the beginning of Kaliyuga around 3102 BCE. During Mahabharath war most of the armies from North to South joined to maintain Dharma. But now there is no unity, so only God sent Mugals, british to make India a separate strong country still we aren’t united that’s a sad truth.

The biggest point of Mahabharath war is how big you are whomever you are if you are not bound to dharma you will be falling down soon like Dhuryodana. Everyone has to fall once as we are bound only to this planet. Body falls down, soul goes up. As per Wikipedia its only 5123 years since Kaliyuga started, still 4,26,877 years are there. Just imagine the sins,bonds,adharma, greed we created. Oh my God, this beginning itself is intolerable in Kaliyuga how the near future is gonna be? Why are we born at particular time at a particular place for a particular family? Why here, what was our past birth, what will be our next birth? So confusing right. Yes something’s don’t have answers so only said brahma ragasiyam it seems.

Let the people continue their karma depending on their past karma. A small story based on Karma will put an end towards it.

Kaliyuga End, Money is GOD

Kowsalya Devi and Kumaresh ramamoorty two young couples, who married recently. After marriage kumaresh tortures kousalya being a sadist. He hits her everyday takes all the money her family members give. A gigantic flood comes where people are sweeped away by the water where kowsalya escapes on first hand with her friends, whereas kumaresh takes up all the money, gold and leaves when the world is gonna end. Kowsalya on the way before going to safe place their boat gets broken and she survives through holding a creeper, Frustrated and she sees kumaresh suddenly alone rowing the boat in flood with money and gold. On other hand a white boat with old couples and a baby. They old couple will be calling to save kowsalya devi, since she saw kumaresh she calls him to rescue and he comes too. The greed of money, past karma, after seeing money she says no thanks and asks the old couple to leave . The old couples boat after moving to some distance turns into horse and a person with blue skin rides the horse and goes away , but still her maya is on gold. When she tries to touch the gold a crocodile from bottom grabs kumaresh and all the wealth falls down. Now only she realises Lord Kalki tried to rescue her . Wealth gone, boat broken now she has to grab somewhere at someplace or go along with flow. Will God come once again to save her? Only God Knows.


Make your best KORMA


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