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Is hiding emotions a sign of bravery?

By A Satyalaxmi Harshita

A travelling train is a place where every window tells you a different story,

But all of the passengers travelling in a train called 'Life' which is full of happiness and misery!

Well, everyone has their Baggage of emotions which they carry with them on the shoulders or else in their hands,

Can holding on to those emotions like bags will let you make feel light at heart or heavy like stones?

You meet new people in the train, many strangers, few known faces and some friendly facades,

All will vanish one or the other day,

time passes by, you have to leave places in the middle of the way.

It's upon you how you take the departure from one station to arrive at the other station,

Tired and sleepless, little nervous and anxious to reach the destination!

So as life where hiding emotions won't make you win,

Put your head out of the window,

dance with the wind and dazzle in that sunshine and feel the rain!

Yes, hiding and holding on is brave, but sometimes letting go and slaying off is bravery!

By A Satyalaxmi Harshita

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