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Irony of My Love

By Pratishtha Singh

Not yet another day

I started with a smile

With the thought of finally meeting him

The one for whom my heart has pined.

All dressed in my favourite dress

And struggling to do something with my tress

While practising to walk in my new heels

Without a single sign of stress.

I check the time and indeed, I am late

I head towards our meeting place

While listening to my favourite track

I drive incessantly like a madman without looking back.

He called me up for a meeting

With an important issue to state

And I crossed my fingers thinking

That this is finally ‘that day’.

Despite being late

I was the first one to show up

And I sat and waited until

I was asked to get up.

With my eyes full of tears

And my heart filled with fierce

I receive a message on my phone that read-

“I hope you will understand that

It’s time that we part our ways because,

I have found someone else to spend my old age”.

By Pratishtha Singh

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