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Inner peace


"Today was a nice day, I'm glad that I could complete the work in time."

Rahul have just reached home after a long day at work. He was too tried. His entire body was drenched in sweat, his visuals looked like someone had poured a bucket of sweat onto him. He was extremely exhausted and wanted to go to the bed as soon as possible. He switched on the fan and sat at the sofa nearby. He laid there for a couple of minutes and then got up to take a shower and change his clothes. Albeit he had a grueling day at the work place, but he had a sense of satisfaction. The work which was not getting completed for so many days due to some silly mistakes was over today. Everyone appreciated his work. He was motivated. All though his body was in the room, his mind was still in his work place visualizing the appreciation he had achieved from his boss, visualizing about the girls who were impressed, visualizing the face of his nemeses how his was upset.

After the bath, he had his dinner and went straight to bed, to have a nap.

"Let me check on instagram."

He opened his phone and started scrolling down all the feeds. He laughed at some of the memes which his friends had shared with him. At around 11o'clock his eyes gave up as a result of it he kept the mobile near his pillow and went to sleep. His body wanted the sleep but his mind was roaming, roaming in the work place. It felt like someone somehow had used black magic for imprisoning his soul there. His contemplation didn't allowed him to sleep and to kill the time, he again turned to his mobile. He opened the instagram and again he saw one of his friend had shared some meme. He looked into the meme, but this time he didn't found anything funny in the meme so he stopped looking at memes. He closed instagram and opened facebook. The first feed which welcomed him was a photo of his crush. He clicked on the photo and read the description she gave beneath the photo. She was well established, following her dream and was ecstatic about it. "Wow, how wonderful her life is." he thought. He clicked on her name and opened her profile. There was a lot of photos of her most of which was about her achievement. Looking at the photos her photos created a turmoil in his mind. He was feeling insecure, jealous and felt sorry for himself. "Fucking bitch."

He closed facebook and now again opened instagram. While surfing through the feed he came across an ad, in the ad there was this handsome looking man with impeccable jaw line, six pack abs, eighteen inch biceps. He stared at the boy for a few moments. He felt low looking at him. It have been around six months of weight training but he haven't seen any results on his body. "I wish I had a body like him." Depressed and dejected he closed his instagram. It was around three o'clock now, by now he had lost all his sleep. "What am I doing in my life?" A voice from inside spoke. "I'm wasting my life. Others are doing so much in their life and I'm still stuck in this place doing this shit job. Am I a looser?" Like all other night, that night also he didn't had a peace of mind.


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