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By Muskan Shah

After the sudden arranged marriage of Kunj and Bhakti, Kunj has to leave for his duty.

Kunj was an Army Officer and as known, army officers can get a call of duty at any moment, he has to leave the house right after two days of his marriage and as it was an arranged marriage he could not get time to know bhakti.

Bhakti on the other hand was shy, introverted and simple and she didn’t even got to speak to her husband. Bhakti decided to write a letter to Kunj in the Army Camp.

Letter –


‘I know we didn’t got much time to connect nor to know each other properly, but one thing I assure you is I will take care of your house and your parents. I am writing this to you so that maybe we can have some words from each other.

I will be waiting for your reply or you being here, whichever happens earlier.’


Kunj received the letter and was smiling throughout reading her words.

After her first letter, there letter conversations went for months sometimes 2 times a month sometimes 5-7 times a month.

Love blossomed between the two real quick through those sweet letters.

Kunj returned after some months due to heavy tension at the border.

The two connected, thanks to those letters and conversations. Bhakti and Kunj had the most amazing time if their life. Kunj returned to border after a while.

After 1 year, due to some situations at the army border, Kunj could not reply back to bhakti letters for sometime and his return to home increased.

Kunj was on his way to home, returning from the Army camp.

Kunj reached and rang the doorbell, bhakti came running to open the door, but what she saw skipped the beat of her heart.

Kunj lost his one arm at the war and could not inform this to his family as he was in trauma due to same.

He was an army officer but losing a part of your body can be traumatic for any person, he somehow lost hopes.

He asked bhakti to leave him and get remarried to someone capable and complete. Her friends also suggested her to leave Kunj and move ahead in her life.

Bhakti didn’t gave a thought to the words and decided to stay with Kunj, no matter what.

Kunj – ‘I know it’s not easy, and I don’t understand why you have decided to stay.’

Bhakti – ‘I love your soul, and you are not incomplete, I complete you. We will fight this together.’

Kunj and his family was overwhelmed with Bhakti’s decision.

After years of efforts, bhakti finally managed to get Kunj operated for a transradial prosthesis (a plastic fake arm in place of original one when the person has lost it).

Kunj could not believe his eyes and neither his family could, but Bhakti did what she said. And her love won above all the doubts and fears everyone once had.

By Muskan Shah

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