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I wish


The moment I saw you,

I knew it was real.

I knew there was something about you,

The persona, the grace,

God's finest creation or maybe,

The impeccable one.

Love at first sight,

All in a matter of moment,

In a heartbeat,

In a single flashing throbbing moment,

And all I could do is falling for you.

Whenever I see you,

You make me week on my knees.

Heart delusional, brain demented,

Numb and lost.

And all I wish is just a sight of yours.

In you, I see something,

Something more beautiful than starry night.

Maybe that's what love is,

Thinking about someone unconditionally.

The smile on your face.

The more I contemplate,

The more I fall for you.

I wish to hold your hand when you're upset,

The shoulder to cry on.

I wish to be the one,

Who keeps all your secrets.

When the dusk of age cometh,

I wish to be with you,

And I'm catastrophically in love with you.


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