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I Don't Know

By Prerna

Where I am going I don’t know

Where I am taking my life I don’t know

What is happening I don’t know

What should I don’t know

What is right or wrong I don’t know

What will happen don’t know

What life going to bring I don’t know

Just want to be in comfort zone That’s what I only know

I only know ,I only know ,I only know

How will it work I don’t know

How will it go I don’t know

Life is going hell ,I know ,I know

What should I do of my life, can somebody tell me

What is right or wrong, somebody tell me

What is happening tell me

How will it going to work somebody tell me

But wait, I don’t even like people suggestions ,oh

Now what shall I do tell me

Tell me, tell me, tell me,tell me

Does it happen with you also,

Or I am only the loner , alone

I think it happen with everybody

Someday, fewday , every day ,who knows

Lot of confusion, but no solution ,

Maybe their solution , but I don’t like it

Now that I don’t know anything,

Where is life going , I don’t take stress anymore

Because it in God hand ,so no stress , or go to depress

So trust the god ,or be stress,

Because be it good or bad it’s

anyway going to happen

Like Famous saying goes – it all destined

So chill pill , do your work ,eat and sleep and repeat

Because you don’t know .

By Prerna

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