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How Fast Fashion Is Harming The Environment!

By Ria Minglani

It is a human tendency to follow the latest trends, and naturally, when we think about the latest trends, we think about fashion! So what exactly is 'Fast Fashion'? Fast Fashion is a term used to describe the mass reproduction or replication of High Fashion show designs or trends at a low cost, to make them available to the common people. Whenever there is a new fashion trend in the market, people love to procure trendy products since most of the fast fashion garments are sold at affordable and reasonable costs! However, it is high time that we think about the consequences and its impact on the environment. The fashion industry consumes enormous amounts of water and energy every year! Moreover, certain procedures like dying the clothes, require the use of toxic chemicals, which in turn end up polluting the water. Apart from that, certain fibers like Viscose create massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. The workers working in the fashion industry are usually underpaid and have to work in unsuitable and unhealthy conditions since they are exposed to toxic chemicals. The huge wastage of material also adds to the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment. Next time you buy something trendy, make sure you think about how exceedingly harmful it is to the environment. To reduce these detrimental effects we should choose to always reuse and recycle, and when we don’t want something anymore, we shouldn’t hesitate to donate it. Finding sustainable alternatives, to reduce the carbon footprint is extremely important. Moreover, it is crucial to think about what we really want, and not buy clothes that we would end up wearing only a few times! One should also try not to fall prey to the changing trends.

By Ria Minglani

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