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How can I?

Updated: Sep 21

By Aswiga M

“Dear pen!, prepare yourself.

For your time has come to write about those immense massifs”, I said.

A sudden cold breeze rushed towards my skin,

As if asking me whether I have forgotten it.

How did I not think about the one who holds human life ?

Strange! I hear a squawk of a peacock.

“Just wanted to remind you of my magnificent feathers”, it said

Before I came back to sense.

How did I not think about the rainbow holder ?

It looks like the sky requested thunder.

Following command,

I saw her, talking to her residents; white crescent and those stars

Which glowed more beautifully than ever.

How did I not think about the floating ocean ?

The waves roared louder than before,

Ensuing, I found myself immersed at the view of pearls

Arising from their bed.

Slowly, tearing the water and making their way up.

The eyes of the streamlined looked as if it wanted to convey something.

How did I not think about the blue Mother and her children ?

Oh my dear Pen!

Among these heard and unheard glories,

What will I write about ?

How can I choose one?

By Aswiga M

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