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By Dr. Molecule

Her eyes blinked repeatedly in discomfort. She didn't know how many hours she was unconscious .

She tried to move her numb hands .

Hail to God !

she succeeded in that resulting her dry lips to form a weak smile

She forcefully moved her eyelids up and now they too accept their defeat under her willpower.

Dry tears clotted on her eye sides become aware to her senses.

Her weak smile widened but she immediately hissed in pain .

Her smile vanished and fear appeared on her swollen face .

She moved her right palm a little up and placed it on her belly .

Fear of pain again gulped her but to her surprise it was just an ache unlike the heavy pain she witnessed till some hours before.

She sighed in calmess

She slowly moved her palm on her belly and on a particular part she again hissed . But this pain is good . This pain is victory over her cries and shouts. She can accept this pain since she faced a lot to achieve this small pain

She came to know that it's over . The pain in her got removed.

Her dry lips again formed a weak smile but now it seems more bright maybe because of the drop of tear accompanied for company

She within seconds wiped off that drop from her face in disgust.

She hates crying now…she hates it now .

Maybe because these tears were her soulmates for back some months

She closed her eyes tightly and tried to forget everything and she won in it .

Her eyes again blinked open but now without any hesitation it started wandering around the surroundings.

She is in a big room ; big means both in length, width and height.

It's painted in a baby pink colour in the walls and a white sealing.

Cute ! She admired

There are more beds like the one she is laying.

She slowly tried to move her head up and saw some more people ; maybe two or three laying at least one metre distance between each .

Maybe someone like me , she thought

Suddenly a part of her forearm began tightening up ; seems like her muscle is gonna pop. She out of surprise turned her head to see what's happening but become relaxed to the pressure cuff of the blood pressure monitor which inflates every fifteen minutes to check the blood pressure.

She sighed in calm but also liked the inflation effect very much . She smiled more brightly defeating her weakness

She is now in the most beautiful place in a human life where one could get all the care and kindness from almost all people and it's Intensive Care Unit Via ICU

Shocked right !?

No problem nothing to worry chill buddies , she had just gone through a game played by her body and a group of doctors….or more precisely a bench of gynaecologists

Guessed it ?

Maybe not right ?

It's a surgery and guess who won after the game played on the playground of her body ?

It's 99.9% doctors and they scored a goal itself over her body .

But each goal should have a painful story to tell and so she too have…

" Her right ovary and fallopian tube is ok in the biopsy report "

Doctor looked the two humans sitting in front of him.

The name board in the table shouts out that he is theSenior most Doctor of the Gynaecologist department of that well known hospital .

" Nothing to worry but " he stopped his fingers from scrolling on the mouse and looked at the two no patience patient and bystander

" maybe her right part can't take part in pregnancy"

The 19 year old girl sitting in the patients chair got alarmed but she showed a calm posture and looked at her mother who is now just looking at the doctor with a normal face

Maybe ma will be ok , she thought

Doctor understand the tension going between

" But nothing to worry in the laproscopic surgery done on her fallopian tube for paraovarian cyst was successful but a part of fallopian tube is cut out with the cyst. So the egg can't reach fallopian tube."

She being a biology student understand what doctor mean and it increased her tension

" but her left ovary and fallopian tube is completely ok and she will be able to get pregnant "

A wave of calmess passed through that girl at her teenagic age who is dreaming about her married life and children like every one at her age or more.

I can get pregnant, a smile formed on her lips but still her mother remained calm ; seems like this is nothing bothering to that 50 year old mamma .From her 50 years life she might have realised that giving birth and taking care of family life is not such a big thing but will this ever make sense to that young girl who have even named her twin baby girls who are still even no chance ?

" We can check it after her marriage. Don't worry." Doctor as usual began to ease the situation ; natural thing ,don't care !

" Anyway her left part is ok so no problem " He confirmed and that moment next spark of fear rushed over that girl's mind and she looked at her mother in begging eyes

"So she will be ok . No problem with her "

Doctor as usual closed the file and got hurry to call his next patient

" But doctor she is feeling slight pain in her left side too " Her mother gathered up and say making the doctor to frown

" Pain ?" He looked at the girl

She nodded affirmatively

" Let's have a scan on her left side don't worry "

" Excuse me ! "

" Hello can you open your eyes " A call make her to come back to the present and she immediately opened her eyes in panic resulting her lower abdomen to pain

" Aaah " she hissed

" Why are you jumping? We won't eat you ok "

The woman standing in front her in a nurse uniform scolded her making the other uniformed one to laugh teasingly

And in return she showed her dry smile or more precisely begging for a drop of water .

It's been hours since she took a drop of water or a slice of food.

" Not now after sometime" She rejected her request making her childishness to roll her eyes

" Ok let me check your wounds now "

The nurse carefully opened her dress and her stomach got revealed

She slowly pulled her head up and looked at herself and it made her cry seeing another 3 or 4 stitch marks on her chubby belly in addition to old 3 stitch marks and now it's more painful than earlier.

She cried out when the nurse tore away the surgical sticker from her freshly stitched wounds and without any sorry she left the girl in pain

Tears rained down from her eyes not because of pain but she heard the nurse murmuring each other

" This girl have gone under two surgery and maybe so unlucky she can't give birth…poor fellow "

" Correct . Will anyone marry her now ? If she was my son's bride i would have surely stopped the marriage and slapped her for not giving birth to our next generation "

"Me too…such a useless now "

Their comments were loud enough for the girl in her pathetic state to broken down more

The urge to become a mother is in every girl's dream . One day she will be gave birth too but now she heard that she lost her ability for that divine process

Giving birth does not matter so much nowadays since adoption and surrogacy is increasing. She too never wished of giving birth but she has dreams of becoming a mother to twins whom she will give birth to .

But now…now. A painful knot formed on her throat making her hard to gulp it down

She bite her dry lips to control her heart's pain but she can't

She had already undergone a laparoscopic surgery two years back for her right ovary and fallopian tube due to a twisted paraovarian cyst and it resulted in cutting a part of her fallopian tube which made her infertile.

And now one month she was diagnosed with PCOD on her left ovary and was advised to take another surgery now for the ovarian cyst and had doubts whether it is cancerous or not .

Today was her surgery and it is so painful that she can't even turn to body due to the heavy pain.

She, who is preparing to be a doctor, is well aware of reproductive health and safety, and secretly cried a lot without anyone seeing. She was afraid that

she can't become a mother and now her fear becomes a yes .

Like they said no one will marry her.

Who will marry someone who is barren and dry like a desert; she can't give birth and this made her to take a strong decision.

Or the mental pain and physical pain transformed her into a decision that she would never marry anyone and she decided to be alone till she dies. She doesn't wish to blamed and betray her future partner by hiding so she thought this is the best decision she could ever make

And she is still living in this world……being single as she decided !

A girl who can't give birth could never get married in her life ? Why is this staying like a myth in our society ?

" A woman who can't give birth is considered unlucky to the family " This is what our damn society says . Is it true ?

What do you think ?

Will you or your daughter or your friend be in a situation like this? Will you leave her for some body games ? Think for yourself and change

In various parts of world women are blamed for giving birth to baby girls but you know what it's really the men's problem and his gene will decide whether it's a boy or girl when fertilised with women's gene

How many of us know this ?

One , two or five right ?

How is this happening?

The best answer is lack of knowledge and pride

But we have come a lot in civilization and growth both in technology and science. So now change is needed and the men themselves should gather up the courage to find for their partners.

As we all know, never ever an elderly woman changes or teaches a next generation girl to walk differently instead she will pressurize the girl to walk strictly on the path through how she too walked…

By Dr. Molecule

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