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By Rishabh Jain

The word POSITIVE has gained a lot of flak in the recent times. I really feel bad for the word itself. Something which always gave people hope, happiness and strength is now seen as an element of fear, isolation and social distancing! Yes, I am talking about the weird times we are living in.

One thing that these unprecedented times have taught me though – is to stop overthinking and to start living in the moment. Something which lot of people couldn’t make the world do; this invisible enemy somehow showed us some life changing dynamics of the society. Work from home becoming the new norm, it has brought families closer and given a different perspective to the offices thereby trusting their employees more on the work front. Nevertheless, with all the negativity around, I am still seeing the silver lining here and have learnt – it’s not YOLO but more of YODO! Yes, ‘You don’t Only Live Once’ but more so ‘You Only Die Once’ – and you live every day! And that’s exactly what this pandemic has taught me.

We have heard several times that practicing Gratitude gives us a sense of contentment. And that’s another very important thing that I have learnt during these tough times. With the uncertainty of life everyday today, it has forced us to evolve from counting the number of days of life to make each day of life count. As Rajesh Khanna once said – “Babumoshai, Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye.. Lambi Nahin” (Sir…Life need not be long it should be big). It has truly made me rethink, that why do we unnecessarily worry so much about the future, which is uncertain, regret about the past which is now gone and why not just live in today? So, let’s make it count, live fully, laugh wholeheartedly and love unconditionally. I don’t want to get filmy here again and give reference to Kal ho naa ho, but I think you got my point.

Lastly, another important lesson which I have learnt is to CONNECT. Whether it be connecting with your friends, family, with yourself or another Zoom meeting! If one is important for your manager, the other is important for yourself. Mental health is as crucial as physical health during these times. As yoga directly connects with your body; friends and family do the same with your mind. Now with work life balance I think work from home balance has become equally important. Just like VPN provides us a Virtual Private Network for office, do create your own VPN for a Virtual Personal Network for a seamless connection of happiness. This network will help you transfer packets of love, care and affection in your circle which is the need of the hour.

I will conclude by saying amongst all the negativity around this is what I am following on a day to day basis to stay safe, healthy and happily negative!

By Rishabh Jain

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