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From cloud nine to cloistered dorm

By Nirsha Saravanan

Exhausted by the exuberance that enlightened the entire paradise, which was the heaven of my eye on that special day. Ravishing surprises awaits me like a statuesque monument in the town hall, waiting for pilgrims to reach and discover its uniqueness.

My heart missed a beat; shook in awe, when I’d seen all my angelic friends and family members with a massive bliss on their face as if they’d seen god or something. Pleasing gifts wrapped up in shimmering glossy paper that dazzled so glamorously that it became the apple of my eyes! Divine, long and colorful dresses, as if it was a wedding occasion, was worn by all of my adorable sweeties who I love the most.

Beatitude; Boosted up by ecstasy, the mesmerizing fragrance of the perfume that was stuck in the atmosphere gave me a fresh and delighted pleasure that was irreplaceable and impeccable. “psst” the noise of a match box being stroked by a matchstick perceived me, but I was being held focused on drinking luscious fruit juices that melted smoothly and sweetly on the tip of each sip, giving me the same flavor and feel of carving onto a juicy ripe mango; extravagant desire!!

“Oh god!” I couldn’t believe that this was happening!! Being gifted the most cutest and adorable teddy bear that was soooo smooth and soft as the hair of a month-year old toddler. I was literally on cloud nine!! Running around like a puppy with two tails. The doll actually smiled at me the second my mom handed it over to me.

I felt secure; full of the joys of spring, savoring every moment I had; lovely experiences of joy and contentment, probably the best one in a very long time that actually hindered all my extraordinary senses.

“Ding” came a loud banging noise and they all left like the water in soil. I felt as if my hair was raising and emerging into clouds, really really dark clouds that actually turned the room pitch black. The room began to cry watching all the visitors leave; miserably isolated and introverted like a great heavy rainfall had come, stayed and left nothing but stains. All the fragrance, all the sweet memories no longer existed, they has miserably disappeared. Like each raindrop, each soft hands had comforted me triggering electrical impulses throughout my body, but then now…. All the raindrops had abandoned me and banished me in a drought desert. It felt as if the fight under metro water pipe has been put to an end; quiet, extremely quiet, like if I had just been woken up after a wonderful dream or I had just come back from school, leaving all the energetic spirit there and entering back to the lonely house.

It felt really weird; shabby leftovers, like the plates of cakes and juice cups layed all over the place, up the sky till the core of the Earth. There was no rainbow, just the unforgettable memories that the rain left me to experience… Hard to overcome but worth to save every drop of the rain… It will be back soon! Oh I know it definitely will; or at least I hope so….

By Nirsha Saravanan

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