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By Santhosh Kumar Gopikrishnan

To be independent, we paid a lot,

Thousands of lives, is it not?

So many people left to rot,

Are we free now? Give it a thought.

Do you think you are free?

Everything in this world has a fee.

Permissions to even plant a tree,

I bet none would disagree.

Are we allowed to make a choice?

No rights to even raise our voice.

Talk some sense and you are noise,

Just forgive the people who annoys.

You will be questioned for whatever you do,

Lot of situations we have been through.

Your liberty is something like Flu,

Comes and goes, which is true.

To post on social media, we think twice,

Criticized by viewers that we aren’t wise.

There’s a rule to roll the dice,

And even a way to eat our rice.

The word FREEDOM displays elegance,

If achieved, use it with sense.

Everyone thinks to be free is intense,

But all of us know that we are IN-DEPENDENCE ….

By Santhosh Kumar Gopikrishnan

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