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Footprints on Sand

By Manoj Kumar

Footprints on Sand

Time passing along, memories of days grand

However hard I try to grip, it sieves through my hand

Through crevices between my fingers that once formed a fist

What exists today is bitter sadness; my life's gist

Once upon a time I was blessed, with tears more of joy than pain

When life was blissful and normal, I had happiness to gain

Now all that's left is a shell, with thoughts of seasons gone by

My loved ones have turned their back on me, and all I can do is cry

Where did I go wrong, did I love too much

Did I expect beyond reason, pressurize and such

Or was I stupid to believe, that good beckons good

And trusted everyone around, while they dug the ground on which I stood

It is now the dusk of my life, and the skies turn red

I try to see goodness in my world, before I am dead

But what I see are remnants of a broken relationship's band

And I slowly fade away, like footprints on sand

By Manoj Kumar

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