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Et Tu God Then Let Iblis Fall

By Anish kanjilal

Et Tu God Then Let Iblis Fall

Like a comet,

Scarring the visage of the sky,

Breaking the moon into two,

Dazzling downward…

once an angel, now the devil

Defying God

Depreciating righteousness if any

in humankind

I am an angel to Diabolus the rebel to God

Descend down to a purgatory,

Known as earth...


Never have I bowed down to Adam,

but let him have the forbidden,

Never had bribed You with some parsimony,

down in my heart hidden.

Remember I only had stooped to thou,

No second God. No persecutor. Not even to my reflection ever.

And Thou oblivious of man being

like a horse, with either God,

or devil as rider…

Had thou existed without me?

Why does thou fail to understand that

dualism is biased and existence is only possible in unity.

Haven’t Judas and Jesus dwelled in the same mansion?

For some are instrument of God’s mercy and some his wrath.


Me was born from fire and he

was born from clay,

And eventually I purify the clay,

According to some hearsay.

Still Pity’s pity doesn’t shower

down and blend with my…

For I am no incarnate, I am no virtue,

I am no propagandist and I don’t fake my cry.

Thou would say that allegations are many:

I had been with Gog and Magog,

to wage a war on the fair.

I have dragged your Son to the desert

and tried to enslave him in a snare

I am the reason behind every evil,

I am the only alibi, for your Supreme

Creation to defend themselves in

every lie.

My Lord, Man had never been your

Supreme Creation for man deals in Sin,

They indulge in hatred and indulge in war,

they are the destroyers of their own kin

Oh! My Lord I have seen monsoon

rolling down your chin,

I have seen the harsh winter slowly mixing with the spring.

No regret, my Lord, for being cast into

the lake of fire,

No regret, my Lord, for being imprisoned

An infinite epoch.

But my Lord you have reasons

to regret, for in the creation of mankind,

lies your sin,

My Lord lies your sin.


The Epigram

I am Iblis in Islam to be stoned often

and now,

I am the demon in the Bible to be ducked

and drowned by thou,

And astoundingly I am the reason

behind the jihad which you both plough.

Somewhere someone plays sympathy

for the devil,

Violin Sonata in G minor,hums

“the Devil’s Trill”…

Deep in the abyss someone Tommy,

exchanges his soul for the Blues

Somewhere in Paradise Lost,

Somewhere in an inferno,

I am Dante, Milton and you.

The Rhapsody

In God’s tragedy and man’s Comedy

Mephistopheles farts,

Somewhere afar down in a war,

Adam throws darts.

By Anish kanjilal

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