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End or the beginning


"So, this is how my life ends!"

Lying in the operation table, taking my last breadth while the doctors trying hard to keep me alive. It was hard on my part to breadth, even breathing through mouth felt like climbing a mountain. Somehow I mustered some strength to look at the far end of the room where there was one specific person looking at me, laughing and mocking me. I looked at him with a pleading eyes, tears rolling and fear in my heart.

"Please death, please let me live."

Alas! My pleading was met with dead ears. With each passing moment death was gaining an upper hand on me. Moment by moment my body started giving up, even my heart started to slow down. I didn't wanted to die, but I didn't had any option. Dejected, defeated, I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to death.

As I closed my eyes, my entire life started flashing in front of me. From making friends for life to the backstabbing. From heart break to the candy crushes. From almost organ failure to lifting a century kilo. Everything, from sweet memories to the better truth, everything started to flash in front of my eyes like a sequence of dreams. Then out of nowhere a voice echoed. It was the voice of my father.

"When the stakes are high, I have never seen you fail."

This very line had inspired me tens of thousands of time in my past and it have came back to inspire me again. Suddenly the masculine side of mine had woken up, the words felt like a lightning bolt which have just struck me. Suddenly I felt powerful.

"No, I won’t die today. I have been heartbroken earlier, I am ready to get heartbroken again. I have failed thousands of time, I am ready to fail again. But no way I'm going to die today."

I looked into the eyes of death one more time. This time there was something that was different from the earlier encounter. This time it wasn't death who was staring through my eyes into my soul but on a contrary, it was me who was piercing through the soul of death. The tables had turned and this time it was deaths turn to fear.

"Come on death, give me your best shot. I'm all geared up for the fight."

The battle lasted for about six hours. The lights outside the operation theater went off. Life is all about fighting a battle against an opponent who is unknown. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

"Not today death, not today."


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