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Employee Wellness

By Sonika

Employee wellness is a vital aspect that is not overlooked anymore. Extensive research and studies conducted on this aspect have proved that Employee Wellness is directly proportional to the productivity of the workforce. As a result, companies and organisations have geared up to highlight employee wellness as an important part of their company’s prospectus.

Many employees in today’s era and of course the future workforce prefer companies with employee wellness programs integrated into the company’s profile as a priority.

I would like to share how Employee Wellness can be promoted in organizations:

  1. Natural Light is a boon- Office spaces where a good amount of natural light is allowed inside create a radiant and positive atmosphere for employees to work. Try to incorporate this factor into the workspace.

  2. Indoor greens- Growing plants inside the workspace make employees relieve stress and leave a relaxing environment to think in a better and productive way.

  3. Ergonomics- Believe it or not, you cannot have a healthy and successful workforce without this factor. Safety measures and correct and safe installation of workstations is a prime job that any company cannot afford to miss or ignore.

  4. Promote short breaks- If we talk about lunch breaks, it is a time to power ourselves again after a hectic schedule. Short breaks at regular intervals will help the workforce to unwind and reboot for a better performance which is highly recommended if you plan to close deals or you are giving a presentation. It helps you gain confidence and think beyond your box.

  5. Encourage work-life balance- Employees who tend to be unsocial are likely to be burnt out and exhaustive that those who socialise and indulge in activities with family and friends. A balance between work and other aspects of life like family encourages the employee to dedicate time to whom he loves and perform well at work with the same satisfaction. The family or friends also feel important and valued thus extending support to the working family member.

  6. Health boosting practices- Routines like yoga, meditation and healthy foods have shown great results in term of the productivity of the organisation. These help in concentration, peace of mind while handling crucial tasks and remaining healthy while handling the workload.

  7. Promote wellness-gifts- Employees require a little boost to morals while giving importance to wellness. You can always consider giving souvenirs that support employee wellness. This will also facilitate the importance in their minds.

Employee Wellness has the spotlight on itself today. And in future, companies will have to design their functionality keeping in mind how important it is to take care of the workforce that produces results in the end.

By Sonika

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