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Embers Of Hope

By Vishikha Deogawnka

Darkness, darkness, darkness of oblivion all around me,

A sudden flicker and ignited is the candle of hope.

It burns low into the night,

But ah my friends it gives a lovely light.

I bask in its warmth; I revel in its glory,

As the sound of your laughter, fuels it fully.

I begin to associate you with safety,

Not knowing that I was slowly losing myself,

In the snare of your cruelty.

My hopes were high, bright and endless like the blue sky.

I remember that last day, the last day I ever felt whole,

For it was the last of the light,

I would see for a long while.

Like a caterpillar, which decays the apple from within,

You my friend, ripped my heart open from within.

I was hopelessly lost,

The flame of my life had been brutally extinguished,

As I fell into the sea of your selfishness, of your greed,

Only to be attacked by the shark of your deceit.

Waves lash, consciousness slips,

Awareness fades, I stop my struggle,

No longer I have to fend,

For dear best friend, you spelt my end.

As time passed, the embers of hope feebly started burning again.

It was agonizing, the way my cold heart pained.

I poked the coals with sticks of memory,

To temporarily save myself some worry,

But the cold wind of sorrow,

Refused to let me rekindle any hope for tomorrow.

But slowly, slowly, I gathered the firewood in my heart,

And after several failures, I was finally able to piece back,

The candle of hope, you broke so long back.

And now here I stand, twice as strong,

The scars of your betrayal, reminding me where I went wrong.

Gone is the teary face,

Gone are the bloodshot eyes,

I know now, that I’m the only one who can give me hope.

In this war of life,

I’m my only sunshine.

In this trek called life,

I know now, that I’m my only rope,

For look now, the phoenix has risen from the embers of hope.

By Vishikha Deogawnka

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