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By MD Fakruddin S


Wishing to be a star in the daylight

Keeping yourself busy trying to ignore a fact

Yet slowly realising that your body is beeping

Beeping so that you'll know that your going deep (again)

And unconsciously you reach the same fate as before

And again wish for a hand of help


The very same hand made you go down last time

Is it worthy of being trusted again

Trusting it might save you now, but will increase the possibility of getting u drowned viciously in the upcoming.

Words come out saying you have no efforts of your own but what do they know

The sweat that is being shoved just to communicate

When your mind is tingling with you with all kinds of dramas

And your eyes show you things that pinch the heart nerves

Then you let and mind and heart tackle each other until the mind brings up a new scenario

Where again your being called unworthy

But remember the fact that your heart whispers everytime

They never deserved you, if they did they wouldn't have to walk in your shoes behind you

Waiting for a text and then Zomato shows up with its cheezy lines ( kya zindagi hai be)

By MD Fakruddin S

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