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By Divi Jopat

The princess of Panchala and the queen of Hastinapur is stern, has a control on her senses, is soft spoken, master-minded and the string that tied the Pandavas together.

She is the wife of brave warriors, the daughter-in-law of the great warrior Pandu, the mother of fantastic and brave children, the queen of Hastinapur, Draupadi was a legendary woman.

Draupadi gave birth to five outstanding sons from each of the Pandavas, she has brought them up like lions and said, “If my husbands can’t defeat the nasty kauravas then my sons surely will.”

It was Draupadi, the one who remembered the names of all her servants whether they have eaten or not. Have everything they need. The one who kept a count on everything and everyone.

The one who treated all her husbands with complete love and devotion and she is a kind of a spouse a man desires for a fruitful and rewarding life. The Pandavas made a great place in history because of Draupadi.

Including all of this there is no question of her enchanting beauty.

During the exile Draupadi could have stayed at her father’s place but she thought of everyone else before herself.

When Dhritarshtra favoured Draupadi for three wishes, Draupadi asked for Duryodhanas position for Yudishtir, sought liberation of the Pandavas along with their weapons, but for the last wish Draupadi said, “Greed destroys virtue, I have no desire or the right to ask for another wish and now that my husbands are free, they will fulfil all my wants my their own potential.”

By Divi Jopat

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