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Don't Have One

By Ananya Mahapatra

What’s going on!!??

I thought you would say

I put on weight more often.

Then why is your mouth stuck like gum, and Why even you can’t look into my eyes now ??

Anything wrong with me

or something wrong with you??

Your behaviour altered in a month…

is it because I find it interesting in something new??

The time comes and goes.

It can’t ever wait just to take you on the dot. Your time already went and today came for me now, I’ll see what it has brought for me with it.

The moonlight of my life

finally became the light of the sun.

Not just to give light

but also to burn.

I understood,

we can’t shade others endlessly by our grace. That’s why I made sure

to touch the sky… high…so high…

that nobody would ever dare

to reach me for pulling my leg.

By Ananya Mahapatra

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