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Do It Today, Do It Now

By Simran Thakur

Regret is more hurtful than failure. Doing something and getting disappointment in hands can upset, but satisfied too with that, "I tried." On the other hand, "I could have done it, but I didn't try" it kills from inside. There is always an incident that happens in everyone's life that pushes you into the burden of regret.

Yesterday (Past), today(present) and tomorrow(future), these three words that are appropriate to define life. Past that can never change, we can only learn from it. We can't stick in a place forever. For a better tomorrow, we have to work on today after learning from yesterday.

I accept there is never too late to do any work that we cannot come out of its regrets. The cause of worry is uncountable things. It may be related to friendship/relationship, career, lost someone, business, study and many more. Regrets those are financial can be overcome with time, but mental regrets affect severely.

We see many times, due to wrong mentoring, students choose the unsuitable stream for their career, and it affects them after years. I also count myself in one of them. Even year after year, the car keeps on pushing, but someday people and petrol run out. On that day you have to walk alone. The day we realised "we were going on the wrong way and had no way to back home remain left." If you also think no way to come back, you are wrong. Still, there is no late. from this moment, "you can grow with your talent and take a new road accordingly." You can work hard for your career and give your best to achieve your dreams. Everyone here is independent to follow their passion. We Indians know one thing very well, "Jab Jaago Tab Savera," so follow it. One thing is common in most of us, that is, we all have a fear of, "What will people say? "How will we explain to parents?" In this case, don't waste more time thinking about your surroundings. Stop yourself to live in more years of regret. Accept it "people will always say", whatever you do or do nothing, "they will say". Ignoring the whole world is a must to come out from the regret today, live in the present and devote yourself to your dreams. Do it today with patience and honesty. The day you will achieve success, once again, hundreds of mouths will open. But, this time, "behaviour" and "words" will be different. To your parents, you can request only one thing, "time." You still can see yourself there, where one day you wish to see yourself. But in one condition, work today and learn from past's regret. If you do not want more years of sadness, do it today, do it now. A new tomorrow is waiting with glorious sunshine.

Most of the time, it happens when we separate with someone to whom we love most. It may: your family, friend or partner. You love them from the depth and want to stop them, but you choose to let them go. Years have gone by, but you still remember those beautiful memories created with them. Whatever the reason behind the separation, if the fault is yours, you always live in regret of it. If you feel it, doesn't wait for one more second; go and say sorry. Say "sorry" for your inner peace, to come out from regret. The fault you do, years ago, try to not repeat in life. Go with the intention that people accept your appeal, don't force anyone to come back, don't force them to forgive you. Only for your peace feel apologise from the depth of the heart. It is never late if you have regret that you did not forgive someone you like. After years still has some time to come out of the load of it. It is time to remove some burden from the head. Let your ego aside for a minute if you want to correct things again. Let your gender aside if you want someone back. Let your surrounding aside if you desire to live happily. If someone loves you, or you love someone. Then there is always be a space for "sorry" and "forgiveness" in both lives. A simple sorry can heal you again, and an open heart can help you to come out from regret. So, don't wait anymore. Just do it today, do it now. A good time is waiting for you.

Sometimes we live in regret of losing someone and find ourselves responsible for that. We admit we are the reason behind the death. The reasons are many, but we find ourselves guilty. It's okay if you feel sad, bad, and upset. It shows your truth and honesty for that person. But, the worst reality of life we can't change the past. Only can live in the present with few recalls. The regret of losing someone disturbs us. But maybe that regret can help another one. You can come out of it to help the needy person. To help the who suffers from the same and can save others life. It can help to relieve your pain. Even after years of living in guilt, blaming yourself, nothing changes. But your one step may help someone to live life. Try to correct your mistake in this way. Try to improve it for others. Don't live in the past. It must come out of it first accept "it happened with you." then go for a better tomorrow. It is never too late for taking a good step towards the positive roads. Don't think more about it, don't wait for tomorrow. Do it today, do it now.

We are humans, and humans usually do, mistakes. But their regret makes life hard. Even an hour looks like a year when you are in guilt, and a year is like an hour when you find a way to deal with it. So, always try to correct it your way. Do whatever, who help you to relief. Start from a small move. Not listen to people, only listen to your heart; it never says wrong. So, take a step ahead, look forward and do it today, do it now.

By Simran Thakur

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