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By Vinodini Rajan Do I know you life? Attach idiocy- wilful or otherwise, to your phenomena. Certitude sought by mind,

meets my belief in declaring you an enigma. You are a stranger with wicked intentions, Your stories do not provide me with any escape, but contentions. There are a hundred possible worlds,

more true to me than my own. There are many a fantasies,

more compelling than the bare truths I've known.

Your pains are longer than time now - for a lifetime, What reason do I have to not give up on you, in the meantime? I'm trying to reconcile with my own life, giving myself another chance,

to change that was rife. So what if my life is full of strife! I passed dire moments with a smile, Whilst everyone thought I was just fine! To be beautiful, life doesn't have to be perfect. Difficult roads often lead to wonderful destinations- I accept. Oh Life! but your arduous puzzles,

I always suspect! What I resist you persist, What I yearn, you choose not to discern. Throw your challenges at me dear life, Being defeated by you is not my choice! There will be obstacles, there will be mistakes, But resilience and perseverance are that, I'll never forsake!

By Vinodini Rajan

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