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Depression: A Cage Without A Key

By Manisha Ashok Karamchandani

Depression is not a flaw in the character,

It is a flaw in the chemistry.

Depression is not a choice,

It is an invisible disease.

Depression does not discriminate,

For no amount of money and fame can fix it.

Depression is a thick, dense and indefinite fog.

For depression is a cage,

A cage without a key.

Depression is a room in hell with only your name on the door.

Respect and help all those who are battling depression and other mental illnesses,

For these are the people who are the unsung heroes and warriors of their own lives,

Who make the world a much better place by just being in it,

Who are fighting invisible illnesses, monsters and demons every minute of every day,

For these unsung heroes and warriors,

Life is a battle which they have to fight every day.

They have to fight their very own minds every single moment of every single day,

To be able to survive and live.

They have to fight to live to another day,

And they have to live to fight another day.

They do not live with their mental illnesses,

They live despite their mental illnesses.

Let us all pledge to be kind,

To lend a helping hand to those who are in need,

And to make the world a much better place than it is now.

For we may never ever know,

That what kind of and how much secrets, darkness and sadness,

Hide behind many pretty and beautiful eyes’, smiles and faces.

By Manisha Ashok Karamchandani

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