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Dedicated Memories With You

By Debraj Das

The times were spent well.

Way before your farewell.

Munching around, the usual yet special, nights.

Same it was the routinely food bites.

But, the munchings were mused,

With the butterflies aroused.

Inside my voracious belly

Instead of the delicious deli.

But was the way you talk,

Used to made my neurons flock.

Around the times of clock left untracked,

Hundreds of smiles and conversations, in my heart, hacked.

Cuddled I felt inside

With the cheerful cheeks from you smiled.

I cannot ignore the sparks you ignited,

Forever always I will crave till my deathbed!

The laughs, that day, you gave,

Buried your colds inside grave.

Enchanting it was, while,

Between the ss you visible was your long mile.

Strongest I felt then,

With the sweetest vibes laden.

Just wanted to hang on

To those moments all day long.

Today, I wish I spent more time. Instead of composing a poetic vine.

Wish I had some more courage to spend then Only God knows how I wish for you, Amen!

By Debraj Das

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