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Dear New Gen

By Divinya Banerjee

At times of utmost self introspection, I often contemplate about the unfathomable transition of the society in which we reside, and how drastically it has influenced our lifestyle, trail of thought and our mere existence. The palpable rampancy of societal progress brought about by the penetration of technological advancements in almost every sphere of our everyday lives, is something which is known and felt by everyone. However, what we fail to cognize is how these changes over generations, have had its impact on our mindsets and principles, which in turn, has led us to lead our lives in a way which is so very disparate from that of our previous generations.

Based on a purely empirical viewpoint, I have noticed that "Modernity", one of the most upheld concepts of the society we live in, has successfully paved its way into our minds, especially the Youth of our generation. However, we get so carried away in the name of modernity, that more than often, we deliberately choose to disregard our guardian's advice, just for the sake of emerging victorious in the dissonance. From seeking permission from our parents to stay at a friend's place at night, to convincing them to let us pursue literature instead of engineering, as cynical as it seems, at times, even without our awareness, our vindictive nature completely takes over our rational minds, subduing that little child, who was once an obedient son or daughter.

Dear new gen, we don't always have to mandatorily rebel against our well wishers if there is a clash of thought with them. Instead, sometimes, just try to understand their viewpoint, knowing well that they will never want to subject us to any harm. Holding on to the strings of "freedom of speech" and the 'right to take our own decisions", we shouldn't detach ourselves from our roots to such an extent, that the harmony of our lives gets distorted by annihilating the demarcation between what is fundamentally right and wrong.

Dear new gen, we do not necessarily have to prove our worth in every instance. Ever since I can remember, my friends and I have been trained to excel in almost everything we got engaged in...well, that was the motive after all. We are a part of a generation, where competition by far, supersedes friendship and such other integral values which constitute who we are as individuals. Our minds have been trained in such a way, that majority of us, in fact, take pleasure on being subject to constant comparison and contest, just so that we can undermine our contemporaries by gaining recognition for our skills.

Is it really worth it? To keep our friendships and relations at stake, just to win this race that we are all a part of? Isn't it much more creditworthy if we, instead of portraying fierce competition even off the court, assist one another in incorporating and nurturing various skills so that the entire nation can progress as a whole?

Dear new gen, win at life by spreading joy and earning respect, not by earning awards and accolades. Try to plant a smile on an innocent child's face, instead of indulging in futile trivialities. Miss the bus to your office to help a blind man cross the street. Forego your title for your friend if he is more deserving. Let go of something which is not yours, instead of obstinately holding on to it.

Dear new gen, it is okay to click the pause button once in a while in the robot that is our mind. It is not a cardinal sin to keep our medical textbooks aside and pick up a favourite story book once in a while. We don't have to run away from our problems...we don't constantly have to ''move on''. We need to find tranquility in our present, and make an effort to fully know ourselves, leaving aside the incessant desire to fit in the ordinary set up by putting on a facade of who we are not.

Dear new gen, learn to love, without solely succumbing to the appealing idea of falling in love. Understand, that love, is sacrificial and ferocious. Have the courage to raise the stakes to its maximum in love, but more importantly, possess the strength to give it back. Don't just fall for the flitter flirting feeling, fall in love with a mind and a soul. Embrace the values and cultures of your loved ones, instead of criticising them if they are not of your own. Don't give up on relationships and struggle to ''move on'', instead, make an effort to stay, for all its worth.

Dear new gen, at times of adversities, show independence by being self sufficient. Fight social evils, instead of fighting against one another. Aim at winning, not at defeating others. But in the midst of all this turbulence, don't forget to unconditionally love and respect yourself.

-A humble request from such another avid victim of our beloved generation.

By Divinya Banerjee

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