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Cure To All Diseases

By Afrin Rahaman

I am sick again!

Felling terrible out of pain.

My head aches, I’m restless,

The whole world seems meaningless.

Turning and tossing in my bed.

An idea strikes my head.

Picking up mu paint brush, I dip it in red.

Immediately, all my bodily aches are dead.

Seedlings of ideas germinate.

The reality and my dreams they relate.

I can feel my dreams whisper

Peeking through the colours on art paper,

I let passion overflow the riddles,

Through nerves, veins and my vessels.

Gone are my pains and all numbness.

Minutes ago, was I really restless?

Once completed, I feel strong enough,

To fight back, that seemed so tough!

My mental strength has perished half of my disease.

For the rest of the game? Medicines please!

By Afrin Rahaman

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