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Crushed Soul

By Sawani Sameer Karpe

When I see snow, I feel a sudden glow. In the thrush cross pavement, it feels like a melody. A thousand reasons, I should listen to my heart. And a million more to glow from the start. When the sun shines great, the snow just melts. In the echo fond valley, you can hear footsteps. Of those sneaky wild pirates, wanting to sail off again. Isn’t life like that, I tell myself. My hopeless crushed soul. What a disappointment! It showers like complicit burden. In the backyard playground, the soil turns into watery clay. When the mighty siren of thunder is heard, our heart slightly misses some beats. A thousand or later millions of people are discovered in their offices, stuck.

But the sun shines great again, with some hope adhere. In the wonderland parks the roads get arid and the rides are buried in screaming childish voices. Of those annoyingly cute innocents, who’ve never seen the dark world. Isn’t life like that, I tell myself. My conscious crushed soul. Life is a twisted complicated maze, solving it is like ending it. Trying to linearize it is like, tearing it midway. Trying to simple it up is like, unknowingly calling upon the end. I tell myself. My thoughtless crushed soul. Hope is a friend, despair is an enemy. Optimism is the best way, pessimism is its conjugative way. Disappointing is just the same as praising, both an important part of life. Loving yourself and valuing yourself are a must to help your crushed soul mend right! ~~~~

By Sawani Sameer Karpe

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